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Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry in Cordele

Everyone dreams of a healthy, beautiful smile filled with confidence. If you're unhappy about certain aspects of your smile, cosmetic dentistry may help you achieve your dream smile. At Hurt Family Dentistry, we offer you exceptional cosmetic dentistry in Cordele. Our team has years of knowledgeable experience and skills to improve your smile's aesthetics.

Our friendly team combines skills, science, and a touch of artistry to create an appealing smile that is functional as well as healthy. We use the most advanced dental techniques and technologies to ensure you get the desired results. Whether you're looking to whiten your smile or completely transform it, we have the skill and services you're looking for. Contact us today to book an appointment with a Cordele cosmetic dentist who cares.


What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a dental service that enhances the visual appeal of your smile. There are numerous options that you can choose from to match your needs and goals. We can help you go through our services and select the one that meets your needs. Depending on your situation and goals, we can also combine services to create the look of your dreams. Our team is always available to answer all your questions and concerns.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Options

We listen to your desires carefully and craft a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle and needs. Whether you need a full set of veneers or a teeth whitening treatment, we have the expertise to offer dynamic results. Our cosmetic dental services include:

Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Cordele cosmetic dentistStains on your teeth can build up after years, especially due to lifestyle choices such as smoking or consuming dark drinks and foods. Poor hygiene may also contribute to the accumulation of plaque on your enamel, staining it.

Teeth whitening procedures can help remove the stains and brighten your smile. We offer professional Zoom in-office whitening that delivers noticeable results, as well as at-home custom tray kits. Both treatment options help your teeth return to their bright, natural shade and afford you a more stellar, confident smile.

Tetracycline Staining Removal

Although teeth whitening procedures are highly effective and produce fast results, treatment may take longer if you have tetracycline staining. This staining is common in patients who have taken tetracycline antibiotics, resulting in permanent stains that pose a new challenge. We offer KöR® in-office bleaching to remove the stains and custom take-home kits for convenient at-home maintenance.

Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding is a great option for fixing decayed teeth, chipped teeth, unwanted gaps, uneven teeth, and much more. It involves the dentist artistically reshaping and repairing your smile with composite resin. Tooth bonding is durable and lasts for years before you need a replacement. Moreover, it's affordable, and you may only require a single visit to complete the treatment.

Porcelain Veneers

cosmetic dentistry in CordeleVeneers are thin shells that fit perfectly over the surface of your teeth and hide any imperfections. They are a popular treatment option as they help address numerous cosmetic dentistry needs at a go. For instance, they may conceal discolored teeth and address chips, gaps, and worn teeth as well.

Our porcelain veneers are custom-made to take the shape of your teeth and look natural. They are long-lasting, and you may have them for more than a decade and a half with adequate care.

Gum Contouring

If you are unhappy with a gummy smile, the gum contouring procedure is a great cosmetic dentistry option for you. Our team may help reduce the excessive gum tissue by using a dental laser to reshape the gum line and create a more desirable smile. We use the BIOLASE® laser technology, an innovative treatment that allows us to shape the gums more effectively. Laser contouring is both precise and gentle. You won't need any stitches, and healing time after the treatment is much shorter than traditional contouring.

Wear Your Best Smile Thanks to Cosmetic Dentistry in Cordele

At Hurt Family Dentistry, your smile is our passion. Regardless of your reason for wanting cosmetic dentistry, we are here for you. Our team will provide customized treatments for you, incorporating our years of experience and expertise in the field. We are proud to welcome you to join our dental family and achieve your best smile. Please contact us today for more information.


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