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High-Quality Dental Implants in Cordele

Dental Implants in CordeleLiving with missing teeth can be a frustrating experience. In addition to affecting your ability to chew and speak, missing teeth can also lessen your confidence. At Hurt Family Dentistry, our skilled and compassionate team provides dental implant placement and restoration to give you a functional and beautiful smile.

Our family-owned dental office is privileged to serve residents of Cordele, Albany, Tifton, Perry, and the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on offering you a complete dental implant experience, from placement to restoration, all under one roof. If you're looking for dental implants in Cordele, call us or stop by our dental office to schedule your next appointment!


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants serve as an artificial replacement for your tooth's root. They're typically composed of titanium, titanium alloy, or other body-safe materials. Once they're surgically implanted into your jawbone, they fuse with the bone to create a stable and dependable base for numerous restorative options, including crowns and bridges.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Dental Implants

Dental Implants in CordeleDuring your initial exam, our dental team will take the time to create your personalized treatment plan. We'll begin by examining your smile to see if one or multiple teeth need to be replaced. Next, we'll ask you questions about your lifestyle, medical history, and dental goals. During this time, we encourage you to ask questions so that you're fully informed and confident during the process.

Our team is composed of experienced and skilled dentists and dental professionals. We provide both dental implant placement and restoration at our Cordele practice. We work with a trusted local lab to craft your restoration, but we handle every other component of the process. In addition, we're more than happy to combine dental implants with any of our other offerings to create your dream smile.

Cutting-Edge Technology for More Efficient & Convenient Care

At Hurt Family Dentistry, we strive to improve the quality and convenience of our dental implants. A critical component of our Cordele dental implant process is diagnosing the condition of your teeth. We utilize 3D imaging technology and cone beam computed tomography to increase the accuracy and efficiency of our diagnostic procedures.

Pretreatment Options

To improve the short and long-term success of your dental implants, our Cordele dental implant team may deem it necessary for you to undergo pretreatment. Most of our pretreatment options are offered in-office, but we work with trusted local periodontists for severe gum disease cases. Our pretreatment options include:

Bone Grafts

Having a healthy jawbone is crucial to the success of your dental implant. Without enough healthy bone, your implant won't fuse successfully and will become unstable. If you have a thin or weak jawbone, a bone graft may be necessary. This dental procedure increases bone volume and density so that your implant has enough material for a secure hold.

Sinus Lifts

A sinus lift is like a bone graft in that it adds bone to the upper jaw. We'll place the bone between the maxillary sinuses, which border either side of the nose, and the jaw itself. Then, we'll move the sinus membrane upward to make room for the additional bone.


Our Cordele dental implant team attempts to preserve your natural teeth and tissue whenever possible. However, it may be necessary to remove severely decayed or damaged teeth. Our office can provide extractions as a pretreatment option before receiving your implant if needed.

Dental Implant FAQs

It's normal to have questions about dental implants. That's why we take the time to explain procedures and answer any questions you may have. Some common questions include:

How safe is dental implant treatment?
Dental implant treatment is safe. Our skilled dentists use cutting-edge technology and a sterile environment to give you the safest dental implant treatment possible.

How long do dental implants last?
Unlike your natural teeth, dental implants aren't susceptible to tooth decay. With proper oral care, your dental implant can last many years.

How do I care for dental implants?
You should care for your dental implants as you would your natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings will ensure your dental implants maintain their effectiveness.

Your Team for Cordele Dental Implant Placement & Restoration

At Hurt Family Dentistry, our friendly and compassionate team of dentists enjoys helping our patients achieve the smiles of their dreams. That's why we offer comprehensive dental implant placement and restoration in Cordele. Call us today to schedule your appointment!



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